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B&B La Via della Giudecca
Ortigia B&B Charme

Piazza San Filippo
96100 Siracusa (SR) Italy Tel  +39 0931 68446
Fax  +39 0931 66862
Cell:+39 389 64 299 34
E-mail: info@laviadellagiudecca.it

Mariella from Turin

Living in downtown Syracuse has meant for us to have the town always available. We will return next year to repeat this wonderful experience.

Mauro from Sondrio

Even if I know Sicily, we were very impressed by the hospitality of the staff of Syracuse and the B&B La Via della Giudecca. Unforgettable experience.

Marina from Florence

They have always spoken well of Sicily, but I do not want to believe. I wanted to touch and I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful scenery and the hospitality of the people. AAA + rating

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